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Bath Hall
Christadelphian Hall, Bath
Our regular meeting times are as follows:
Sunday 11:30am Breaking of Bread (baptised members)
Sunday 11:30am Sunday School
Sunday 2:00pm Public Bible Talk
Thursday 7:30pm Bible Class

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  Christadelphians - Bible believing people
The name 'Christadelphian' means 'brother or sister in Christ'. It was chosen because the New Testament Christians called each other brother or sister to express their relationship to one another through baptism into Jesus Christ.
The Christadelphians are a Bible based worldwide community, established over 150 years ago and drawn from all walks of life. Our common bond is our belief in the Bible, the word of God. We have no paid leaders and no overall 'head of the church'. Instead, we organise our own affairs with the Bible as our only basis of authority. Our beliefs therefore are the same as those of the first century Christians.
Meeting together is an important part of our lives. We meet on a Sunday and during the week. We also run a Sunday school and youth groups to cater for the needs of young people.

We would be pleased to be able to welcome anyone who is able to join us.