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Each month, the compilers of Glad Tidings magazine produce a short video designed to raise a question for you to think about! This links to their editorial article. You can watch this and many more videos on their You Tube channel.
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We live in a world where 22,000 people die each day due to poverty. Behind these statistics are real people: brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours. Each of them have their own needs, and they are the people we want to help. Find out more
Would you like to know more about the Bible and its message of hope?
The Bible Education website provides reading courses, factsheets and other valuable information free of charge.
Faith Alive is published three times a year for younger readers aged 15-25. The articles are short and varied, tackling relevant issues being faced today, such as employment, drug abuse, mental health, sexuality. The magazine offers guidance about following Jesus in today's world.