God's Masterplan for you

Every day we read the news to discover something new that man has done to the planet. From wars in various places to terrorist acts, pollution in the air, plastic in our food, people relying on food banks in rich countries and starving in poor ones, icebergs melting and animals becoming extinct, man is destroying the planet more every day. Yet we vote for more of the same and hope for change

God has a different plan, one that will end all of the world's problems. Imagine a world with no more pain, sorrow or fear. God's Masterplan will result in such a world, and you can be a part of this plan. Our series of talks this summer focussed on God's Masterplan and detailed  how anyone can freely receive this gift from God. Our latest article summarises this theme using God's word, the Bible, and reveals how you too can receive this wonderful free gift.

You can read this month's article here


Brexit & The Bible - What next?

For over 150 years Christadelphians have believed that a political separation of Britain and Europe was inevitable. The Bible indicates that Britain and the mainland European nations will be on different sides of an awful war called the 'battle of Armageddon'. This will take place just before Jesus Christ returns to the earth to set up God's Kingdom. We were therefore not surprised the people of Britain have voted to 'Brexit' and come out of the EU.
The video 'Brexit & The Bible' provides further proof of the Kingdom, and how we can be ready for it.

 A Time for Peace

Oh, for peace! Real peace. Wouldn't it be great to have real, lasting peace all over the world? Here in the UK many of us do enjoy peace

But what about peace from terrorism, and political peace? What if medical science could really guarantee us peace from illness and death? How about a guarantee of inner peace?

It's over 3000 years since a Bible poet wrote "Great peace have those who love Your Law". Now that's getting nearer the point. If we found out a little more about God who made both us, and the world we live in, then we should be getting closer to appreciating what life and peace is all about.

You can download the booklet "A Time for Peace" in Adobe Acrobat format to read on your tablet or computer. Click here to access this.




Bible logo   Daily Bible Readings

Reading the Bible on a regular basis is important in order to gain understanding
about God's word and what it means for our lives today. The Bible companion was created 150 years ago to lead the reader through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice every year. Today's chapters are shown near the top of this page, so remember to check every day. You can view the whole plan here

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