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    Weekly World Watch
Prophecy Review 2022
With Bible in hand, Andy Walton looks back at 2022 to prove that God's plan is working out and is leading to the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. This should motivate us even more, as we see the day approaching. Things are moving quickly, and time is short.
 Daily Bible Reading Companion
Reading the Bible regularly is important so that we can understand God's word and discover its relevance in our lives today. The Bible Companion was created 150 years ago, and leads the reader through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in one year. Today's readings are shown below and are updated every day. You can view the whole year on one page and also read comments on the Christadelphian Daily Bible Readings website.
   THIS IS YOUR BIBLE  video series
In a series of 6 videos, Bible students talk about the way in which their everyday work in various academic fields confirms the belief and confidence they have in the Bible as God's word for us.      Watch now
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 The Kingdom of God on Earth.

As an antidote to the constant stream of bad news we are subjected to nowadays, the Bible provides us with a clear vision of God’s plans for the Earth. Man-made problems cause suffering for billions around the world, yet God has promised that this time of trial will end when Jesus Christ returns to set up the everlasting Kingdom on Earth. Steve Weston considers the evidence of this in our latest article.